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Whew, so what's been happening lately?

Well I just started my spring quarter here last week. I'm taking the supposedly hardest classes of my major right now.... History and Systems, Advanced Research Methods, and Advanced Statistical Analysis. I don't have as much homework as I did last quarter, but the material is very complex and there's a lot of it. The one thing I've learned is to not fall behind and wait till the evening before I have a test or quiz to study. I need to make the best use of my free time!  I just spent 2 hours reading material... and it's not even half of what I need to cover! I don't want to mention that material was only for one class too!

A friend of mine said that I seemed very responsible... but I replied, "I don't feel like it..."

I guess the upside to things is that I'm also taking a wine class, which is really awesome. I get to drink wine in class. The downside is that I know nothing about wine. We'll be going into details about wine that I've never once heard about in my life, so it's going to be fairly challenging. Whenever we smell the wine, the instructor says.. "Do you smell that oak to it?" The whole class nods, and I get scared a bit. I don't really smell it... heck, I can't really tell what the oak smell is!! Yep, it's going to be fairly challenging.. but fun and interesting at least.

My computer also burned out on Sunday night last weekend the day before school started.. Perfect timing, I know. It didn't help me at all since my teachers were using the internet to post most of the material I needed. Homework was due on Wednesday, and if I didn't get my computer running, I'd miss the chance to do it. It forced me to pretty much build my own computer in the span of two days. I ended up buying a new motherboard, a case, and a CPU processor... the rest of the stuff I could reuse from my old computer that broke. It was my first time assembling everything together like that. I've only dealt with individual computer parts (like video cards and RAM) before, and nothing like putting together a whole computer from scratch. It was an experience I'd rather not do again, especially with being rushed to do so.

Hmm... I realize that the time I have left to spend with my best friend (the one going to the navy) is very limited now. The value of friendship is precious, especially when going through hard times. I have a feeling the next years of my life will be really challenging, and I'll have to face new things that I've never faced before. It'll be hard without the support of a best friend. I have to start counting on myself to be more dependable and responsible. Maybe it's somewhat scary, because I still feel I lack meaning in my life... and I feel like all these things I've learned and built up could be swept away at a moment's notice. There's a lot of things that I don't have control over... and it feels like I'm just here for the ride.

There's just too much uncertainty in this world. I'm not pessimistic, but I can't force myself to be optimistic either. The middle ground isn't exactly a place I'd like to be, but it helps keep me aware of everything. Here, I can still laugh and smile and hope about the future. I can live my life day-to-day, and it seems like that's good enough for now.

Yes.... that's good enough for now.

Oh yeah, I did really well last quarter in school. ^^ Straight A's... mwahahaha!
If only I learned to be as mature as I am right now in the -beginning- of college... and not 7 years into it, lol.


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