Apr. 29th, 2012 07:11 pm
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I just woke up from a short Sunday nap, and I had a strange dream. I had two daughters. One of them was really good at sports, and she enjoyed competition and rising over others. However, her grades were very poor because all she was concerned about was sports.

I was worried about this, so I sat down to talk to her. I told her that there was more to life than just one thing, and that she should enjoy other aspects of what life had to offer. I was really hinting to her that she should focus on studying more.

On the other hand, my other daughter was terrible at both sports and and school work. I noticed this was because she had a tendency to get involved and take on so many other things at once.

I sat down with her and I told her that it's good to focus on specific things, and that it takes time and effort to really accomplish anything. You don't always have to try to be good at everything.

A few days later, my two daughters asked me why I had told them different things. They asked me if I had lied to one of them and told the truth to the other. I didn't really know how to answer them.

Later on my, my daughters came to hate me. My sports-loving daughter was unable to get into the sports team because she concentrated on her studying instead of practicing. However, her grades didn't climb up any higher, and she just became frustrated. My other daughter became so focused on a singel field of study, but she lost sight of why she was studying in the first place. Later on in life, she realized she wasn't happy, and she blamed it all on me.

I woke up from my dream frightened something like that could really happen. I guess it's the fear of many parents that they might be messing up their kids, but I wonder why I even had such a dream. I'm far from being a parent...

I've been having A LOT of dreams lately, sometimes even 3 in one night. I wonder if this means anything.


Dec. 8th, 2011 09:04 am
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I had a peaceful dream last night. There really isn't much of a story to it. I was exploring a grassy mountainside plateau. There I met a girl and her pet pig. The girl seemed to hate living so far away from the city, and her eyes were filled with apathy. I spent some time playing with her pig, and I realized what a gentle creature it was. After that, I met a man my age wearing furs to keep warm in the cold climate. The furs made him look white and puffy, like a sheep. He was talking with his girlfriend when he noticed me walking up. He nodded to acknowledge my presence, and I nodded back as he continued his conversation. I listened in closely. "I love this mountain and this small town. I know more and more of us are leaving to go to the city, but I want to stay here and continue this culture and tradition." I noticed his girlfriend was uncomfortable with the idea of staying on the mountainside forever, but the man didn't notice her feelings.

I also came to learn that they had a method of harvesting grain using bugs, specifically grasshopper-like things that stored the grain in their bodies. I stepped into one of the fields where this was happening and I watched with amazement. One of the grasshopper bugs bumped into my face as it was flying away, which shocked and amused me. I laughed to myself, and I wondered if this place really existed somewhere in reality. It was at this point that I woke up.

How strange. I can't seem to figure out why I would have such a random dream like that. Usually I dream about things connected to my life, but here I was in a place that had absolutely nothing to do with me. It's like my soul flew out of my body solely to visit this place for a short time. I don't know why my dreams took me there, but at least I got to a visit a place in my imagination that I never knew existed.


Sep. 23rd, 2011 09:36 am
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I had a dream last night about my old home, which in doing so, surprised the heck out of me. It's really rare of me to dream of something specific, sort of like my mind is calling attention directly to it. I still remembered where every piece of furniture was, like the details were etched into my brain. I relived familiar moments, such as getting water from the kitchen, walking down the hallway, and flicking on light switches. The scary thing about all this was that gigantic spiders had taken residence all over the house. Spider webs were hanging all over from the ceiling and light fixtures that I had to crouch down in some places to get around it. In some of the cobwebs, I could see the husks of dead spiders, disgusting me to no extent. I feared getting tangled in a web and having them fall all over me.

I wouldn't say it was a weird dream, or even a nightmare. It had more of a sad, poetic feeling to it. I was in a place that was very familiar, yet also dangerous (with the spiders) and strange at the same time. I also missed the familiarity of having my parents and brother around, with their laughter and chatter echoing down the hallway. Now in my old home, that presence was gone, replaced by spiders and emptiness.

I can only speculate to what this all means. I understand the feelings.. but what does it tell me? I wanted to keep dreaming, exploring the world inside my head, but I heard the raindrops knocking on my window here at my new home. "It's raining again today.." I thought.. and I knew it was time to wake up.

It's autumn now. I wonder what other dreams I'll be having this season.


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